It takes ingenuity and precision to strike the perfect chord.

Minute Repeater

This complication comprises the greatest number of parts, often more than 400. The minute repeater sounds the time by hammers hitting hardened steel gongs. It indicates, on request, the hours by a series of strikes on the low-pitched gong, quarter hours by striking the low/highpitched gong and additional minutes in relation to the latest quarter hour by striking the highpitched gong.


The number of gongs and hammers tuned to perfection by ear.


The century the repeater was invented. Created to hear the time, rather than look at your watch, after the sun went down.


Number of components within this complication.


The Royal Oak Concept Supersonnerie presents a newly developed case construction that prevents sound absorption, boosting amplification. Now, the gongs transmit vibrations directly to the soundboard – not to the mainplate.

Made in Le Brassus

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