Services prices

in Audemars Piguet's Geneva boutique
Prices in CHF, taxes excluded

Our service prices are valid only for mechanical watches which were produced within the last 25 years and quartz watches which were produced within the last 15 years. Service prices for older watches are available upon request.

The list of service prices published below are those charged to final customers in our boutique in Geneva, Place de la Fusterie. It does not preclude our authorised independent repairers and authorised independent resellers from freely determining the service prices for final customers.

Complete maintenance service

Opening of the watch, prewashing of the movement, dismantling of every component of the movement, preventive replacement of those subject to wear and damaged, washing of all the components, assembling of the movement and complete lubrication, timing, casing up, final control.


Quartz // 450.-
Hand-wound // 700.-
Selfwinding // 850.-
Extra-thin // 950.-
Chronograph // 1'300.-
QP (chrono, QP, EOT) // 1'700.-

Royal Oak

Quartz // 550.-
Selfwinding // 950.-
Extra-thin // 1'150.-
Chronograph // 1'450.-
QP (chrono, QP, EOT) // 1'800.-

polishing and satin finish


Watch case with bracelet // 350.-
Watch case only (and buckle) // 200.-
Part only // 100.-

partial service

Water resistance


Standard // 260.-
Complicated // 630.-

Royal Oak

Standard // 400.-
Complicated // 800.-


Extract from the archives // 250.-
Certificate of authentication // 1'000.-